About Hayati Children's Foundation


Hayati (Arabic: حياتى‎) means “My Life”

The vision for the Hayati Children’s Foundation (HCF) came after the Shibley family’s travels to developing countries. Upon traveling to both Mexico and the Dominican Republic they saw firsthand the troubling conditions of two struggling orphanages. In an attempt to help them out the family made lump sum donations to each orphanage. The family wanted to continuously support both the orphanages without overhead costs, which was the catalyst to the creation of the Hayati Children’s Foundation.

The Calgary Zoo

This year we are hosting our flagship event, ‘Vino for Bambino’s’, at the Calgary Zoo. We have established a unique partnership with the Zoo where 20% of the funding from Vino for Bambino’s will go towards the Zoo’s programs to serve local underprivileged children through some educational programs. The other 80% will go directly to our supported children’s homes and the Inn from the Cold.


To provide funds to orphanages in developing countries that enable at risk children to have a better quality of life, proper nutrition and education. To ensure these children are able to support themselves once they reach age of majority.


Our vision is encompassed by the following 5 points:

  • To provide proper facilities to house both the children and their caregiver
  • To provide skills training to children so they can be self-supported
  • To ensure the children receive proper food, to make sure basic nutritional requirements are met
  • To provide the children food and milk programs, providing potable water, as well as purchasing clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, first aid and toys
  • To enhance the education of both the children and their caregivers


The Hayati Children’s Foundation’s (HCF) primary source of income is from hosting a number of successful annual fundraising events. These events include a poker tournament and a wine and culinary experience function. Overhead for the foundation is non-existent; therefore, 100% of all funds raised go directly to benefit the children.


Love in Action - Current

In Chapala the Hayati Children’s Foundation (HCF) provides Love in Action (LIA) with one third of their monthly operating budget. There is an agency agreement that states the funds must be utilized for food and milk programs, providing potable water, as well as purchasing clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, first aid and toys. LIA must provide all receipts of goods purchased for the center and demonstrate that our funds are being used adequately.

LIA is a safe shelter for children that have suffered neglect or were in a high-risk home environment.  They are located in the town of Chapala in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. This area has a high percentage of gang activity, drug & alcohol problems and single parent homes. They presently house 48 children with ages ranging from newborns to 18 years old. In addition, they provide day care services for single mothers from the neighbourhood. The school-aged children attend a local public school while the younger children are taken care of on-site. There are four special-needs children that attend a local special education facility in Chapala.

For safety reasons the children do not leave the facility unless necessary (school, medical emergency, under staff supervision etc.) thus most training of skills and trades are done in-house. LIA and HCF have spoken to expatriate (Canadian and American) residents in the area to donate their time to teach and educate the children on various activities. Some examples include teaching the children English, painting, drawing, sewing and various sports.

It is the goal of HCF to ensure that all meals received at LIA are nutritious, personal hygiene is improved and other basic needs are met. This is done through constant communication with the staff at LIA. HCF believes that properly educating children will give them a better chance to support themselves once they reach the age of majority.

Hope House - Current

Hope House is a safe shelter for boys who have come from tainted backgrounds but are learning to overcome their past and live more normal lives. They are located in Ixtlahucan de los Mebrillos in Chapala Mexico.

Here is a recent article from Hope House that was published in a local magazine, Ojo del Lago. It outlines the daily life at Hope House:

“There are some terrific guys living at Hope House. Kids who have come from tainted backgrounds but are learning to overcome their past and live more normal lives. I am not saying that they are without flaw, but they are headed in a good direction and it is exciting to watch them grow!

As they grow these boys are learning all kinds of things. In the carpentry shop, they learn valuable life skills, like mathematics and how to pay attention. In their horticulture class, not only do they learn how to plant and harvest, but they also learn important farming facts. For instance, plants should remain in the soil in order to grow. (A few little rascals have been uprooting the potatoes to check their progress.) They have also learned the hard way that for the safety of the fish, the water pump must remain running in the Aguaponics system.

Imagine how attentive the workers must be! Why, they must always be on their toes!

Just today one of the little boys was swinging like Tarzan on the gate over the entry stairs. Another one of those crafty kids was caught practicing his fireman skills sliding down the post which sustains the staircase. A partition was quickly built to keep out “firemen in training”.

No doubt they are always getting into something! Just last week they learned a very practical skill. How to unstop a toilet! (Guess the toilet is not the best swimming pool for Spider-Man.) Spider-Man had caused such a disturbance that the older boys actually learned how to remove and replace a toilet in order to retrieve him. (Unfortunately, Spider-Man is not the first action figure to navigate those septic lines.)
These kids are hard workers too, a trait that my grandmother considered next to godliness! Each boy has daily responsibilities such as: making his bed, picking up after himself, and learning to keep the house clean. After lunch, each boy already knows his daily chore. It is not something difficult, but rather something basic: wipe down the tables, sweep, mop or take out the trash.

Some of the boys are even completing odd jobs to earn a little spending money. One boy works alongside the laundry lady Cecilia and helps her fold clothes, another helps the maintenance man, Sergio, learning to complete basic household repairs. On a regular basis, a few guys can be found out front of the house washing someone’s car. (If you live around here, you know washing cars is a life skill which can be valuable for them.)

Just last week a few guys volunteered to wash the big 15-passenger van. They did such a thorough job! They washed every nook and cranny. They got on top and cleaned the roof, washed the windows and tires. And in the short time that the childcare worker stepped into the house, they even cleaned the inside of the van with a water hose! Unfortunately, it appears that the circuit board didn’t like water very much.
And since the van no longer runs, this week they have been doing a lot of walking. When I asked them what they learned from their experience they told me, “Cleaning the inside of the van with the water hose is a bad idea!” And I figure that is a pretty valuable life lesson too.”

Missoes-nas-Cidades - Current

The Hayati Children’s Foundation is thrilled to announce that we will be expanding our funding efforts from supporting Love in Action & Hope House in Mexico to include Missoes-nas-Cidades (‘The City Mission’) in Mozambique. We have partnered with The Fontaine Children’s Charity Foundation, who run a grass roots program focused on providing a safe home, education, nourishment, medical attention, and skills training to local street children. There are currently 20 boys, between 10 – 18 years old, who are living in the transitional dorm “Casa de bom Sonhos,” while going to school and apprenticing with various trades. The goal of the program is to provide basic human rights, love and support while the boys transition back to their families and communities. The Hayati Children’s Foundation will be providing funds to sustain the education and basic needs portion of the program.

More about the Missoes-nas-Cidades here: http://www.nampulastreetkids.org/


As the Hayati Children’s Foundation grows, we continually seek to support orphanages in need. This is done through extensive research and background checks to ensure that funds will be properly allocated. HCF is a member of the Figtree Foundation and continuously looks to create opportunities with other organizations within Figtree. This expands our knowledge and resources and helps reach more children around the globe.

Below are two new exciting partners HCF will be taking on in 2016:

Inn from the Cold

For almost twenty years, Inn from the Cold has operated as an agency of last resort for those children and their families who find themselves, literally, with no place else to go. They offer shelter, sanctuary, and healing through an integrated continuum of services that includes emergency shelter, instrumental needs, primary medical care, case management, therapeutic early childhood programming, supported housing, and an open door policy to all in need.

In 2014, 2,297 children and their families called Inn from the Cold home during a period of crisis and of them more than half of their guests were children. This was a 130% increase in demand for our shelter services and they operated over capacity 97% of the year with an average length of stay of 57 days.

Sadly, children and their families are the fastest growing demographic impacted by homelessness and they remain committed to a vision of a community where no child or family is homeless.
Their door is open 24/7, 365 days a year and they turn no family away.

In 2016 the Hayati Children’s Foundation will be partnering with the Inn to provide much needed items each month with the help of our donor’s support!