Beyond committed, many of our supporters choose to boost their involvement with the Hayati Children’s Foundation by sponsoring our events, these individuals and companies provide goods / services to our guests at no charge to us. Their participation in our fundraising efforts enables HCF to ensure that 100% of the funds raised go directly to the children supported by our programs. Below are testimonials from some of our past community supporters. Thank you for your continued support. 

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“Thank you to the Hayati Children’s Foundation team for all of their efforts. Causes supporting the well-being of children and their future is of obvious importance and is reflective of our values and those of many fellow Canadians. The organizers, volunteers and supporters of the Hayati Children’s Foundation exemplify incredible passion and humility. It has been an outstanding experience to have participated and bared witness to all of the dedication and noble efforts. I look forward to continued participation and support of the organization.”

Rumi Jaffer Field, Marketing Manager: Canada, Phillips Distilling CO.

“At RBC, we know it’s impossible for communities to thrive when children are hungry, homeless or fear for their safety. That’s why we support the Hayati Children’s Foundation. The work they are doing will ensure many orphans in developing countries have a better quality of life, proper nutrition and access to education and training. We are committed to supporting organizations that help children become more self-reliant.”

Cathy Mock, Regional Vice President, RBC

“We at Briggs Kitchen & Bar take great pleasure in supporting the Hayati Childrens’ Foundation.  We are totally aligned with the values that HCF holds in providing support to youths in our worldwide community. Society needs more organizations to lead this charge and we applaud HCF for their commitment to children the world over.  ”

Brad Taylor, Briggs Kitchen + Bar

“As a supporter of the past three Vino for Bambinos events, I can tell you not only has this event been fun to support, it also has helped us increase the level of awareness of our restaurant to the attendees of this event.  We decided to support this event for the first time in 2012 before our restaurant had opened a week later.  We received a lot of positive feedback from the guests that evening on our food and design pictures and then saw them come in to our restaurant immediately.  They all helped share the word of us being opened and with how influential these attendees are, we were full on our first opening weekend.  Now, I know that we can’t attribute all of the success on that opening weekend to this event alone, but I am certain that it had a significant impact on it.  Since, we have felt very welcomed each year we return from the Directors and Volunteers of the Hayati Children’s Foundation and its guests.  We look forward to seeing the familiar faces as much as the guests enjoy having our food.  We feel it is an event that not only has an incredible impact on the children it supports, but makes a lot of sense for us a restaurant as well.  The event is extremely well organized by a group of people that really care about raising money for their charity.”

Stephen Hamelin, General Manager, Cibo Calgary

“Being involved with Hayati Childerns Foundation is important to me and my business because we are able to help children in developing nations. As Canadians, we have the ability to raise awareness and give support to those in need especially children who are the most vulnerable and could help to change the future of their nation. I have supported this event since the beginning and will be a proud supporter in the future.”

Cam Dobranski, Chef/Owner, Winebar Kensington, Brasserie Kensington, Container Bar